Course Schedule

All readings should be completed before class on the date they appear on the syllabus (this means you should have read pages 3-55 of “The Heroic Slave” before class on Monday, 9/12). Unless otherwise noted, all assignments should be submitted to the appropriate folder on Sakai before class time on the date that they are due.

Date Readings and Assignments
F 9/9 Introductions
M 9/12 Frederick Douglass, "The Heroic Slave," 3055
W 9/14 “Introduction,” The Heroic Slave, xi-xxxvi
Winfried Fluck, "The Nineteenth-Century Historical Novel" (Sakai)
F 9/16 Robert Stepto, from “Storytelling in Early Afro-American Fiction,” The Heroic Slave, 191-201
William L. Andrews, from “The Novelization of Voice in Early African American Narrative,” The Heroic Slave, 202-206
Christopher Mulvey, “Freeing the voice, creating the self: the novel and slavery” (Sakai)
M 9/19 Wiliam Wells Brown, Clotel, 33-129
W 9/21 Brown, 129-213
Research presentation
F 9/23 Walter Benjamin, “Theses on the Philosophy of History” (Sakai)
M 9/26 Pauline Hopkins, Winona, 287-390
W 9/28 Hopkins, 390-437
Research presentation
F 9/30 Barbara McCaskill, “The African American novel after Reconstruction” (Sakai)
M 10/3 Terry Eagleton, “The Nature of Fiction” (Sakai)
W 10/5 Margaret Walker, Jubilee, 3-117
F 10/7 Walker, 118-207
M 10/10 Walker, 208-362
Research presentation
W 10/12 Walker, 363-497
F 10/14 No class
Close Reading due
M 10/17 Ashraf H. A. Rushdy, “The neo-slave narrative” (Sakai)
W 10/19 Octavia Butler, Kindred, 9-81
F 10/21 Butler, 81-160
Research presentation
M 10/24 Butler, 160-264
W 10/26 Tony Bennett, “Literature/History” (Sakai)
F 10/28 Toni Morrison, Jazz, 3-87
M 10/31 Morrison, 88-181
Research presentation
W 11/2 Morrison, 161-229
Morrison, Foreword, xv-xix
F 11/4 Shannon-Clarke retreat
Paper proposal due
M 11/7 Morrison, “The Future of Time: Literature and Diminished Expectations” (Sakai)
W 11/9 Tayari Jones, Leaving Atlanta, 1-82
F 11/11 Jones, 83-140
Research presentation
M 11/14 Jones, 141-255
W 11/16 Edward Jones, The Known World, 1-103
F 11/18 Jones, 104-177
Partial paper draft due
Thanksgiving Break
M 11/28 Jones, 178-315
Research presentation
W 11/30 Jones, 316-388
F 12/2 Colson Whitehead, The Underground Railroad, 1-82
M 12/5 Whitehead, 83-228
W 12/7 Whitehead, 229-288
F 12/9 Whitehead, 289-320
F 12/16 Final paper due by noon